Children’s Ear Piercing Specialists

Saying that we love piercings kid’s ears sounds kind of weird. But it’s actually really cool. The wee little gals and guys who come in with their parents are super special to us. The SkinKandy Squad are specialist Piercers, proud of every piercing we do, and that means ensuring that every customer both big and teeny-tiny have a great experience.

In an industry that sometimes come across as a bit, well… scary… we provide a safe and family-friendly environment using the best equipment and hygiene methods.

Here are some of the Services we offer for our little customers…

Double Operator Piercings
Double Operator Piercings involve two of our highly-trained Piercers piercing each ear at the exact same time. This ensures the process is super quick for your little one.

Gun Free Piercings
We use state-of-the-art gun-free equipment which is safer and less scary than the old-school piercing guns. Importantly, they’re also more hygienic, individually packed in sterilized boxes for one-time-only use.

We have a large range of initial piercing jewellery to choose from. Then, once your child’s ears are healed, we have loads of high quality studs and sleepers in all kids of designs.

Children’s Ear Piercing FAQs

What are the benefits of a double operator?
Having a double operator is great when the child is young so that both ears can be pierced at the exact same time. It means that the piercing is over and done with before they know it. There’s no waiting around to get the second one pierced and no risk of the child not wanting to do the second ear!!

Is everything clean and sterile?
Some of our SkinKandy Squad are Mothers and Fathers too and we know first-hand that as a parent you want to make sure your child is in good hands with no risk of contamination. Rest assured, we operate in an extremely clean and sterile environment, using the best hygiene methods.

How long does the piercing take?
The piercing its self takes one second! However we recommend allowing 10-15 minutes to choose jewellery, get comfortable in the piercing clinic and correctly position the earrings.

How do I look after the piercings, what aftercare do I need?
We recommend Protat Soothing Aftercare Spray, which is available in all SkinKandy stores. Simply spray the front and back of the piercing twice daily. We recommend washing off excess aftercare to ensure it doesn’t cause irritation, so cleaning them before they have a shower or bath is a great idea. Otherwise, use a cotton bud. Keep up this routine for 8 weeks and do your best to ensure your child isn’t touching, twisting or turning the piercing.

Do I have to make a booking?
We do recommend making a booking for double operators so that we can ensure two Piercers are available.

What jewellery do you recommend?
We generally recommend Titanium jewellery for initial piercings. It is a premium quality metal that is 60% lighter than other metals, which puts less weight on little lobes. Titanium is also hypoallergic with no nickles or alloys, which promotes faster healing. We have a great variety in-store and our SkinKandy Squad can talk you through the different options depending on the age and size of your child.

Do you use a piercing gun?
Piercing with Studex Earrings allows us to use a superior gun-free piercing method. It’s less scary for your child and there is also no loud bang from the gun, just a little click sound. It’s also extremely hygienic being packed in the sterilized box for one-time-use.

How old do children have to be before they can have their ears pierced?
We can pierce children from 6 months old if their earlobes are big enough. If the lobes are too small it can cause earring posts to push against their heads and be painful. Further their earlobes could grow a lot more and the position of the piercing could potentially end up being in the wrong spot when they are a bit older. For this reason, if we deem earlobes are too small we will not pierce them.

Does every piercer have experience doing kids lobes?
Absolutely! The SkinKandy Squad are all qualified and have a high level of experience doing children’s ear piercing.

“Very happy with the service we received today from Stacey & Allie, they were great with my 10 & 12 year old daughters who were excited but a bit nervous about getting their ears pierced. Also very pleased with their hygiene practices. Definitely happy to recommend SkinKandy Chermside to anyone considering piercings.”

Rebecca, Chermside, July 2017