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Piercing Shop in Bundaberg

14891 Total Piercings Done
A:Shop 66, 16 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg, Hinkler Central Shopping Centre, 4670
Shop 66, 16 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg, Hinkler Central Shopping Centre, 4670
Its easiest to park in the Coles Car park. You will find us two stores down from Coles, right next to Lenards.SAVE 12% IN-STORE CODE: KANDY12OFF Claim your 12% discount in-store today!

Meet your Piercers


A.K.A:Mrs Shark
Fave piercing:Nips & Dermals
Specialist In:Septums and Smileys
Loves:Fishing, tattoos and my bed
Hates:Stupid questions and terrible drivers
Would rather be:Camping
With SK since:May 2015


Fave piercing:Dahlia, Nipples, Scaffold, Rook, Conch
Specialist In:Daith, Rook, Cartilage projects
Loves:My little family, Coffee, Tattoos & Naruto
Hates:SPIDERS! Running out of coffee, waking up early
Would rather be:Sleeping, On a holiday, Getting ink
With SK since:March 2012


A.K.A:Madi, Madz, Nomad
Fave piercing:Venoms, Medusa, Vertical Labret
Specialist In:Dermals, Industrial, Traditional Tongue
Loves:Video games, good music, driving
Hates:Taking selfies and cleaning my car
Would rather be:Travelling
With SK since:April 2014


Fave piercing:Conch, Daith and Nose
Specialist In:Conch
Loves:Video Games, My Dogs, Skating
Hates:Toads & HIGH PING
Would rather be:In Japan
With SK since:Sept 2015


Fave piercing:Nipples
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Body art, animals and nature
Hates:Animal cruelty
Would rather be:at a Hanson reunion concert
With SK since:
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