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Piercing Shop in Rockhampton

8145 Total Piercings Done
A:Shop 227, Cnr Yaamba Rd & Hwy One, North Rockhampton, Stocklands Shopping Centre, 4701, QLD
Shop 227, Cnr Yaamba Rd & Hwy One, North Rockhampton, Stocklands Shopping Centre, 4701, QLD
Park directly under the Kmart. You will then find us straight across from Coles.SAVE 12% IN-STORE CODE: KANDY12OFF Claim your 12% discount in-store today!

Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Philtrum
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Photography, Art, Animals, Books
Hates:Rude people, Humidity
Would rather be:Adventuring or cosy with a book. There is no in-between!
With SK since:February 2018


Fave piercing:3 in my tongue & my big lobes ^.^
Specialist In:Septums and Daiths
Hates:Not having coffee
Would rather be:Drinking Coffee
With SK since:


A.K.A:Clo, Clover. ‘That piercing chick’ is something I get called a lot too.
Fave piercing:Stretched conch, Nipples, Horizontal lip, Big fat stretched lobes
Specialist In:Daiths, Dermals
Loves:Naps, Bunnings, Puppas, Cars, Racing, Adventures, Cold & rainy weather, My biological and not biological family, Tattoos
Hates:Clowns, Insects (esp. praying mantis) Spiders, Heights, Repetitiveness, People who don’t wear shoes/unclean people, Hangovers, Waking up before my alarm.
Would rather be:Exploring or relaxing with people I love
With SK since:August 2014


Fave piercing:Philtrum, Conch
Specialist In:Philtrums, Nipples
Loves:Red hair, Makeup, Food, Music, Motorbikes, Kitties, Rain
Hates:Spiders! Rude people, People who say my name wrong, Awkward silences
Would rather be:Sleeping, Snuggling with my cats or spending time with my family.
With SK since:April 2015
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